What should you do before ordering from an online pharmacy?

What should you do before ordering from an online pharmacy?

Like any other market, you can now find pharmacies all over the Internet when you search for medication information. Depending on your search pharmacy ads will pop up at the side bar of your search engine; your email screen and you might even get advertising emails from those pharmacies!

Here is what you need to be cautious about when you are using an online pharmacy:

Always check the authenticity of the pharmacy;

-     A real pharmacy will have a physical location specified on their website. If you are not able to find the physical location of the pharmacy website you should suspect where you are actually getting the medicines from and whether they are real meds or not!

-       A legitimate pharmacy will be registered with a jurisdiction body in their area, they should have a link to their registering body on the website or you may be able to search for it yourself.

-       A legitimate pharmacy will have registered pharmacists on board that you may contact and speak with directly, their information should be found easily on the website.

-       A valid pharmacy will need a valid prescription in order to send you the appropriate medication. If a pharmacy is advertising that they do not need a prescription, you are taking a risk of getting an unknown product from an unknown source!!!

-       A real pharmacy will never bombard you with spam emails, claiming to sell you cheap drugs!

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Sepideh Nasafat, PharmD

Registered Pharmacist


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