Drug-Gene Test

Did you know genetic variations in metabolizing enzymes play an important role in body’s response to medications?

Up to 30% of Clopidogrel users fail to activate the drug and remain at high risk of heart attack and stroke?

Up to 70% of patients taking antidepressants are non-adherent possibly because of experiencing side effects.

Pharmacogenomics testing can reveal genetic variations in enzymes responsible for metabolizing medications. The test analyzes variations for over 114 medications including cardiovascular, psychiatric, pain medications and chemotherapeutic agents.

With a simple cheek swab test, done easily at home, you and your patients can learn about the variations in their genes and avoid taking chances. Starting the right medication right from the beginning would limit the risk of treatment failure while helping patients avoid the high costs of sub-optimal medications. Test results will also help patients who experience severe side effects with prescription medications.

MEDMAIL is proud to be the first pharmacy to make Pharmacogenomics test kit (Drug-Gene Test) available to the public in Ontario. The kit can easily be ordered by your patients on phone. 

Please contact us at info@medmailpharmacy.com or 905-237-6360 for more details. We will be more than happy to assist you in providing Precision Medicine for your patients.

With a simple cheek swab test you could prescribe the                

Right medication Right from the beginning!

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