Drug-Gene Test

Drug-Gene Test is DNA testing to find out effectiveness of medications in your body.


  • Drug-Gene Test
  • Recommended for individuals not currently taking medications or those taking some medications with no major side effects. You would need to list the medications you are currently taking.


  • 45 minutes comprehensive review of medications via secure video chat platform
  • We provide easy to read list of all medications, vitamins, herbals,… presentable to other healthcare professionals.
  • We discuss possible other approaches to take care of your health and wellness
  • We provide 15 minute overview of the test results on phone or video chat
  • We will follow up with your other healthcare professionals for possible changes in medications
  • We will continue to help you achieve your goals of health and wellness for nine months from our initial meeting. Frequency of follow up calls/meetings will be based on mutual agreement and will not be less than four calls, 15 to 30 minutes each.


* We pay all shipping cost of sending the kit to you and from you to the lab.

* Test results will be available to you and an easy to understand pharmaceutical letter will be written by a pharmacist for you which you may present to your healthcare professional.

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