Rx Order

Getting your meds from MEDMAIL is easy, convenient and less time consuming than going to a pharmacy. You may either ask your physician’s office to fax the prescription to MEDMAIL or just send us a note on www.MEDMAILPharmacy.com and we will contact your physician.

If you have refills on your prescriptions at a different pharmacy, send us a note and we will contact them to transfer your prescriptions to MEDMAIL.

When we are ready to fill your prescriptions we will send you an invoice with detailed pricing; once you accept the invoice, you will be able to pay using PayPal. We will then fill your prescription and mail meds to you via registered mail. We will also provide you with a tracking number for your package. Signature is required to receive your package.

You do not need to worry about your further refills, We will contact you before sending the next supply to confirm that everything seems good as previously planned and then mail the refill medications to you.

For increased security and to get the most benefit from our services please join www.MEDMAILPharmacy.com There you will enter all required information of your health card, insurance card, your existing medical condition and existing medications. This will reduce the hassle of providing the info for each prescription, while it helps us have an overall idea of your current medications and medical condition.

If web ordering is not for you, just call us at 905-237-6360 to conveniently fill your prescriptions and mail them to you.

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