What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

MTM or Medication Therapy Management is a comprehensive review of your medications and over the counter/ natural products while assessing your health status, diet and life style.

Your safety and wellbeing is the driving factor behind MTM. MTM will help you take your health into your hands; properly take your medications and meet your treatment goals (e.g. decrease blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose). It also helps you identify side effects that you are experiencing and also the interactions between your medications, vitamins and supplements.


Normally before an MTM session your pharmacist will gather some information from you in a questionnaire format to review before the meeting and make the MTM session more efficient for you. The first MTM session typically takes between 30-45 minutes. In this session the pharmacist goes over all the mentioned topics in detail and explore your concerns in taking medications. At the end of the session some of the identified problems, will be addressed and an action plan will be generated for future reference. A summary of the discussion and the action plan will be given to you at the end of the session or in a few days depending on the complexity of medications/life style. With your permission a summary of the discussions will be sent to your physician for information purpose or to take a certain action if required. Future MTM sessions will be set at a mutual time frame with respect to your health and medication concerns and are normally shorter in duration.


Sepideh Nasafat, PharmD

Registered Pharmacist


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