Trillium Drug Program


What is Trillium Drug Program (TDP)?


Trillium drug program is designed for any resident of Ontario to help with their drug costs. This program is for those who are not covered by Ontario Drug benefit (including low income families and seniors) and can be used by those who have a private insurance plan as well.

Here are some facts about Trillium Drug Program

  • Over 3800 prescription drugs and nutritional products are covered by Ontario government through TDP
  • Your household income and the amount you spend on drugs for the whole family each year are the bases to determine your eligibility for TDP
  • Your household may include parents and grand parents living with you if they are financially dependent on you
  • TDP benefit year runs between August 1st of each year to July 31st of the following year. You must follow the application deadline and submit all required documents including prescription receipts and insurance statements.
  • Even if you have a private insurance plan you might still be eligible to apply for a Trillium Drug Benefit!


To view detailed information and documents you would need to apply for Trillium Drug Program Click Here

To download Trillium Drug Program application form Click Here


All information above is based on the information on Ontario Government ( at the time of publication.


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