Now there is a study, which shows mindfulness practices reduce costs for the payers!

Recent research supported by National Center for Complimentary & Integrative Health indicates that utilizing MBSR* and CBT** will reduce total costs of care for patients who suffer from chronic low-back pain.

This research at University of Washington calculated societal cost effectiveness by adding the incremental health care costs and productivity losses over change in quality-adjusted life-years as well as costs from the perspective of payers. By using MBSR total societal costs was reduced by $725 per person and the individual healthcare cost by payer was reduced by $982. CBT did not result in cost savings in back-pain related costs. However both interventions reduced non back-related health care costs. Health related quality of life was increased in study patients compared to usual care participants as well.


*MBSR mindfulness-based stress reduction

**CBT cognitive-behavioral therapy


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Shown To Be Cost Effective for Chronic Low-Back Pain. NIH- Health Topics, published July 24, 2017
































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