Have you Heard About Personalized Medicine?


Have you ever thought why a certain medication is not working for you?

Your physician might have started a specific medicine for you but after a few weeks you still don’t feel better. Next time you check in with your physician, he/she decides to switch it to a different one. The trial and error method might work for some people but it takes time and money to understand what medicine will work best for YOUR body.

 Sometimes you start a medicine but the side effects are so bothersome and they stay for a long period that you decide to quit taking it, with or without your physician’s knowledge, assuming that there is no other option for you.

The answer for these types of situations might be in your genes!

Different people respond differently to the same medication based on their genetic profile. For this reason some medications work for some people but not for others and this is why some medications cause unwanted side effects for some people and not for others.

A simple genetic test, which is performed by using a sample swab from your cheeks, can help you and your healthcare provider find a better solution for your condition.

The sample is easily taken by yourself as a swab from your cheeks and sent to the lab for analysis. Test results show how medications are processed in YOUR body based on your genetic profile. Your genetic profile reveals the type of enzymes responsible for activation or deactivation of medications, mostly in your liver.

This is the key to understand which medications will reach and stay in an effective level to work in your body and not cause unwanted side effects.

The results of the test is reviewed by a pharmacist who is trained in pharmacogenomics and recommendations are given to you and as you wish to your physician. This test helps you and your healthcare provider make a better decision when starting you on new medications.


Sepideh Nasafat, PharmD

Registered Pharmacist


Stay tuned to hear more about personalized medicine by optimizing your medication use from MEDMAIL. This test will be soon available to you through MEDMAIL.





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