Functional Medicine gives woman relief after 44 years of suffering

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       I talk a lot about Functional Medicine and the approach that we take to improve the health status of individuals by tackling the root cause of their condition. Functional medicine is a medical approach of looking at one’s condition ( and I say condition not disease) by looking into the functions of cells and how malfunction at cell level can show itself by different symptoms in the body.

       Our body is a complex system, so there is no wonder that the symptoms that one experiences can have multiple causes. Our genetics, what we put into our body, our lifestyle such as sleep and movement, our relationships with ourselves and others can each affect the function of our cells. When a group of cells start malfunctioning, that is when some systems in the body start malfunctioning, which translates to symptoms that we notice in different parts of our body.

      When we look at the body as multiple systems working together, we can find out the relationships between the symptoms. For example one’s headache, bowel issues and joint problem which might seem disconnected, can all have the same root cause of deficiency in an important mineral, magnesium. And when we address this deficiency, the symptoms will automatically go away.

      The following podcast is from Cleveland Clinic, one of the most well-known hospitals in US, which has a dedicated department for functional medicine. I encourage you to listen to this podcast and Cindy's  journey, who has suffered from many conditions for years and how Functional medicine approach has improved her health.

It will give you a good understanding of what Functional medicine is and how it can help YOU in your health journey!.

     Get back to me for any questions that you might have about functional medicine or any other disease and medication-related problems.


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Dr. Sepid, Holistic Pharmacist
with functional approach  

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